Electrical Estimating Software

If you’re looking for electrical estimating software in Australia and you’re only a smallish business, let’s say 10 employees or less, you may find you go through the same things I did years ago when I was an electrical contractor, and discover there really isn’t any software that can do anything more efficiently than a good spreadsheet can for less than about $5000.00.

Electrical estimating software Don’t get me wrong, the electrical estimating software currently on the market will do a good job, but ONLY if you have the time to dedicate to learning how to use them correctly, and then implement them regularly enough for them to pay for themselves over time.

From what I’ve seen you need to spend a lot of time creating “pre-builds” or the like, to suit your area of business, or buy a set to suit Australian situations for around $2000.

They do have one great advantage once set up and configured correctly in that they can integrate wholesalers pricing into their database and produce lists for ordering etc., and the prices are always up-to-date as this data is updated on the fly by the estimation software.

But, if you only need an electrical estimate every now and then, or don’t want to pay for a full time estimator, I believe that the service Kitching Electric and Estimating offers is great value.

We have developed our own Electrical Estimation Master Spreadsheet (EEMS) that has a number of items where we only need to do the take-offs and add the numbers, and an estimate is created, after which we manually add all the variables that may occur.

The complete spreadsheet can be manipulated you or your staff by simply adjusting mark-ups to reflect your desired profit margin, whilst at the same time keeping your tender price completely private.

We have a sample spreadsheet available, once you have sent us a project to price, so you can see exactly what you’ll get, and become familiar with it before you receive the completed estimate.

Contact Dean at Kitching Electric and Estimating today for more information.

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