Electrical Estimating

Kitching Electric & Estimating offers an electrical estimating service for other Electrical Contractors. The best part of outsourcing your electrical estimation is that it enables you to concentrate on your income producing work, while we prepare the quote for you.

How our service works

1) You email us all the relevant drawings and specifications for your project .

2) We will examine the documents and provide you with a rough estimate of how long the job will take me, and your likely charges.

3) If we are agreed, we will send you an invoice for the estimated full amount, and you can pay by credit card by sending/phoning our office with the details, using the button opposite, or by direct deposit.

4) Once payment is received we will start the project.

5) Future work can be conducted on a 7 days nett credit basis, but Kitching Electric & Estimating will keep any credit card details on file for future use if the period extends beyond 7 days without payment, or by other arrangements we may make.

Further information

Electrical Estimating You can provide us with a list of wholesalers you want to be used for lighting and other incidentals. Also, advise of any preferred suppliers for switchboards, security etc., if relevant to the project.

We will do all the takeoffs from the drawings, and contact sub trades and suppliers for their quotations. All this information is collated into a custom designed spreadsheet, with a worksheet for each particular facet of the project.

The spreadsheet will give you a total cost for the job, including your labour and materials, which you can then mark up to suit your particular rates because the spreadsheet is fully adjustable to provide flexibility so you can add your required markup.

Kitching Electric & Estimating will generally follow recommendations published by NECA and American estimating publications (where relevant) for calculating labour, but can integrate any particular rate you may want to charge.

The spreadsheet will also include the time consuming tender breakdown sheets included with most specifications.

Once the estimate is complete, we will email you the spreadsheet

As a guide, the price will never be out by more than 25% without first advising you.

** Any and all work Kitching Electric & Estimating does for you will be strictly confidential**

Electrical estimation services pricing

$88.00 hour inclusive of GST, and that will include up to a 1/2 hour for full size printing and any phone calls made on your behalf.

A very rough guide is that we can do between $15k and $70k worth of project cost per hour.

That means a $100k job will take about 2-3hrs @ $88.00 PH, and a $1.8m job up to around 30 hrs. Smaller jobs are slightly top heavy, in that the actual data entry and tender forms (if any) can take a fair proportion of the total hours taken to estimate the job.

These sorts of jobs may take a minimum of around 2 hrs, plus any extras such as site visits if required. A minimum charge for these will usually be around 4 hours.

If you’re not familiar with spreadsheets we can print and fax, or scan and email all the info you need from each page.

Australia-wide service is no problem, and we currently service interstate clients – not just around Sydney.

We don’t carry out credit checks on businesses – we prefer to work on trust. BUT, we will need a street address for your business.

If you need anything within 3 days, or its Friday and you need it Monday (for example), it probably won’t be possible as most reasonable size jobs need switchboard and lighting prices etc. that take a few days to obtain.

All reasonable efforts are made to prepare the estimates as quickly as possible, but we can’t guarantee your wholesalers and sub trades quotations will come back in a timely manner. Please note that once the project is started, you are liable for all time spent on the job. This means that if the estimate is late and not accepted by a builder, you will still be billed accordingly, and in full. You must make sure that there is ample time for an estimate to be completed before engaging the services of Kitching Electric & Estimating.

Important: Disclaimer

By engaging Kitching Electric & Estimating (Dean Kitching), you fully understand that the information provided by way of spreadsheet and email is for your use in compiling a full and complying quote.

Whilst all efforts are taken to ensure that all items of labour and materials are included, it can occasionally happen that something is missed. It is highly recommended that when using these services you allow ample time to check the content of emails, spreadsheets etc. for completeness yourself. No responsibility for monetary loss due to items required, but not included, will be accepted by Kitching Electric & Estimating (Dean Kitching).

By agreeing to use our services it is implicit that you have read and understood the above disclaimer.

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